As a Historic Interpreter I immerse myself in the role of a key player from our past times, through a combination of knowledge, research and a passion for history.  By "knowing my stuff" I am equipped to see things from specific character from history's point of view.  As a result, I aim to not only offer information & education to audiences in an entertaining & fun way, but also to stimulate interest and even change people's perceptions, young & old, regardless of age.    

Are you a Museum, Historic House, Castle, Ancient Site, indoor venue, outdoor heritage facility, tourist &/or overseas visitor, looking to spice up your visitor experience to bring history alive?  Then Tracks Through Time can help you achieve this - in my capacity as a highly qualified Teacher/Lecturer & Researcher (with a Masters Degree MA in Education & Training) - by developing, formulating and delivering thoroughly prepared, scripted, costumed & totally 'in character' on site interpretive tours, reenactments & educational talks, using both realistic & accurate historical roles  and highly relevant heritage related reference materials throughout - which can be adapted to suit all circumstances, including the weather!

Some of the characters from history performed at various venues to enhance the overall experience on the day include :

  1. A Roman Centurion & Lady

  2. A Medieval Knight & Lady

  3. A Civil War Cavalier & Lady

  4. An 18th Century landowner & landscape designer

  5. A British Army Officer of the Great War 1914-18WW1

If applicable, we can also offer the added dimension of musical entertainment - which an be carefully tailored to suit the occasion and the historic characters being portrayed at that time too.  As experienced musicians (sing & play a variety of instruments) we perform regular Live Music & paid gigs throughout the region, in our capacity as band members of the Country, Blues & Rock duo (Silurian) & trio (Snow On The Mountain


Whatever your needs, in my capacity as a "Historical Interpreter" I can usually come up with an appropriate character & accompanying script to 'tell your story' or relive that special historical landmark, event or anniversary  


If you are interested in exploring how 'in character' interpretive scripted tours, talks or reenactments might work for you in bringing "History Alive" then please get in touch to discuss requirements.



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