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If you are an historical society or group, community group or walking group who might be interested in booking a talk or guided walk please get in touch to discuss availability and requirements.


A list  of available topics is provided below. These are reviewed and added to on a regular basis so please check back for new additions.


We can also plan specific, personally tailored, heritage, sightseeing tours of Monmouthshire and the Wye Valley and surrounding areas of S. Wales Borders and accompany your car or coach. Please contact us to discuss this service and costs.

Walks & Talks - Available for Group Bookings
History Talk Topics 


Prehistoric topics


  • Stonehenge – unravelling the mystery - a study of the role and purpose of Stonehenge. 

Celto Roman topics


  • Roman Bath - the Gods are everywhere   - a study of the finds on display at the Roman Bath Museum.


Roman topics


  • Mithras and the Romans – evidence for the mystery cult in Roman Britain - a study of the nature, meaning  and extent for the worship of Mithras and his link with Monmouthshire.

  • Governor Agricola in Scotland – campaigns in the northern most  frontier of Roman Britain - an examination of his influence in paving the way towards linear defences.

  • Hadrian’s Wall in Roman Britain – all you need to know - understanding the history, design and function of the primary linear defence system.

  • Antonine Wall in Roman Britain – all you need to know -understanding the history, design and function of the secondary linear defence system.

  • Usk Legionary Fortress and the Silures – the first Roman military campaigns in South Wales circa AD 50s and 60s -  a study of the role of the major supply base at Burrium, within its historical context in the subjugation of the Silurian tribes. 

  • Roman Roads – the communication network in Herefordshire - an investigation into the extent of Roman road development in the vicinity of Herefordshire, with reference to an A-Z of Roman military and civilian settlements and associated finds as evidence. 

  • The Romans and the Usk Valley – from Brecon (Y Gaer) to Caerleon (Isca) via Abergavenny (Gobannium)” - a study of some of the more significant finds associated within the vicinity of these Forts.

  • Uncovering Abergavenny & Revealing Romans - the hidden history of buried Gobannium.  A consideration of what’s left buried in Gobannium & its role in the subjugation of the Silures tribe with reference to evidence, the finds & ancient sources


Norman & Medieval topics


  • Journey Through Monmouthshire in 1188 - Giraldus Cambrensis tour of South Wales and the Borders from Hereford to Newport - a focus on the history and heritage of specific sites along the Welsh Borders, which were associated with Gerald of Wales, during his the 12th century visit

  • Gwents Great Citadels - the top ten Castles from Norman times to the Wars of the Roses - a chronological snapshot of the famous people & the key events which helped to shape Monmouthshire’s best known Castles

  • Legendary Bowmen of medieval Gwent & SE Wales and our noble men at arms…from Abergavenny in Norman times to Monmouth's Henry V’s and the battle of Agincourt in 1415    


17th Century topics

  • The Civil War years in South Wales  – Royalist & Parliamentarian links with the Historic Houses & Castles of Monmouthshire

  • Raglan Castle's  Royalist defence - the role, life and  times of Henry Somerset, the 1st Marquess of Worcester  


18th Century topics


  • The 18th century Wye Tour – in the footsteps of William Gilpin from Ross on Wye to Chepstow, via the Piercefield Estate - a study of the Picturesque movement and the Wye Valley

  • Nelson was here and the Admirals too - a study of the great sea battles, their significance, links and connections with Monmouth in the 18th century.


19th Century topics


  • Monmouthshire's Magnificent Mansions, lost, in ruin &/or under threat – the culture and character, the context and the setting, the links and elite associations, of each of the unique buildings, throughout their history and situated within Gwent and the Usk Valley

  • Wales & the Zulu War in the late 18th century - a day in the life of Welsh Soldiers fighting beneath the foothills of Isandlwana and defending the border post of Rorke's Drift against all odds - I read the news today, oh boy!  The impact made, the sacrifices offered & the legacy left behind, by the 24th British Regiment of Foot (oka the South Wales Borderers) on the 22 January 1879

20th Century topics


  • Hereford's Heroes of the Great War - memories of a Major serving on the Western Front (1914-1918) - reenactment in words and pictures - sharing the WW1 experience & its impact on the home front, the western front & beyond  

  • The Great War Heroes of Gwent & South Wales (1914-1918)  - recollections of a Monmouthshire Colonel 100 years on  - reenactment in words, pictures & images - tracing the development of WW1 & its impact on the Welsh Soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice 

Heritage Walk Topics 



  • Horseshoe Heritage Walk – the Mynydd Garn Wen Ridge, Mamhilad

A 7 mile circular walk of medium difficulty, which includes the Canal, the Folly, the Roman Road and the Holy Well). Note: starts and finishes at The Horseshoe Inn, Mamhilad. 


  • The Kymin (Monmouth) and its environs – Lord Nelson and the rockin’ stones

An 8 mile circular walk within the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean, following parts of the Offa's Dyke Path - with some steep climbs/ascents.  It includes a visit to the Suckstone, the Harkening Rock, the Buckstone and the Altar stone, culminating in the Naval Temple and Banqueting Round House at the Kymin. As well as offering splendid views over Monmouthshire and the Black Mountains, as well the Malverns (and beyond on a good day), there will be a host of factual insights of the many interesting historical and geological features to be seen along the way


  • The Piercefield Estate Walks – the 18th century picturesque Wye Valley

A 5 circular mile walk of moderate difficulty, within the environs of Chepstow and the River Wye, which includes the Alcove, the Seat, the Double View, the Platform Folly, the Cold Bath, the Grotto, the Giants Cave, the Druids Stone, Lovers Leap and an Ice House, as well as the Eagles Nest viewpoint at Wyndcliff. 


  • Troy House and the River Wye – the Wye Valley from Monmouth to Troy House via Lower Redbrook      

A circular walk of moderate difficulty, which includes the Wye Valley footpath, a disused railway line and bridge as well as a viaduct, culminating in a focus on the Somerset family and their estate and gardens at Troy House.  Note: includes a midway stop at the Boat Inn, Redbrook.


  • A stroll through Roman Usk – the 1st century AD Legionary Fortress     

A guided heritage walk to rediscover the layout and hidden remains of the major pre Flavian supply base, with reference to discoveries made during a series of excavations from 1965 to 1988).


  • A journey through Venta Silurum - the Roman Caerwent Comes Alive Tour (see video below)

      An informative   guided walk around the ruins of a Roman Vicus             (Town) in the expert company of Claudius Tiberius Paulinus, a               Legate (Commander) of the 2nd Legion Augusta, circa AD 210








Watch our video for a taste of what's included in this 2 hour tour. Contact us for further details and booking - parties of 10 and over.
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